Performer Series BOX SET

Everything the Performing Artist needs to learn more relaxed breathing, perform breathing exercises and perfect breathing technique.

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Performer Series M422T model
Designed for Breathing Technique Training .

  • Ideal for teaching how to use your breath to achieve the maximum for your performance.
  • Teach even the youngest of students the principles of deep breathing and good breathing form.

Performer Series P617B model
Designed for Any Level of Performing Artist who has difficulty:

  • Breathing deeply and maintaining good form.
  • Support their sound or projecting their voice.
  • Not breathing between phrases

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Performer Series T343A model
Designed for the Active Performing Artist and Advanced Student who is:

  • Satisfied with their breathing but desires to improve their ability to play, sing or perform as relaxed as possible for longer periods.
  • In good physical condition


Breathing for Performance DVD

BREATHING FOR PERFORMANCE - Exercises for Wind and Voice Musicians is adapted from the book by Mark Boren. In about 30 minutes, you can understand the physical side of breathing and why it is so important for musicians and vocalists to understand the physical nature of performance. More than an exercise video, BREATHING FOR PERFORMANCE provides the background you can use to better understand the exercises. Visual and audible demonstrations of the exercises by musicians of all ages helps you understand how to get the most from training with PowerLung.

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