Rim: 8.87mm * Cup: 32.3mm * Throat: 8.43mm

This Medium-Deep bowl-shaped mouthpiece features a very wide, comfortable rim for hours of playing without fatigue. The inside of the rim is recessed slightly, allowing for a more full vibration of the lips. The extra mass, coupled with the shape of the cup, provides a solid, dark tone, with lots of core. Works well with all contra-bass tubas and for bass tubas when a deeper, stronger voice is required. Also an excellent choice for sousaphone playing.


This design features the same comfortable rim contour of the MF3, but the cup is more rounded, creating a bowl-shaped mouthpiece which can provide an even stronger, more powerful tone than its counterpart.


Rim: 7.62mm * Cup: 32.3mm * Throat: 8.43mm

This mouthpiece was designed primarily as an F/Eb tuba mouthpiece, but I've found it to be an excellent choice for smaller contrabass tubas as well. The shallow cup provides a lighter, more lively sound (still lots of core) and great projection for solo and small ensemble playing. Also perfect for nailing those high orchestral excerpts on the big horn. The rim contour and cup diameter match the MF2(B) perfectly, allowing the player to switch effortlessly between the two pieces as the situation (or instrument) requires. This eliminates the adjustment necessary at the embouchure, and lets you concentrate on making music.


Rim: 7.76mm * Cup: 33mm * Throat: 8.43mm

A new design to complement the MF3, featuring the same rim contour and diameter but a slightly shallower cup.  If you've been using the MF3 as your "big mouthpiece" but sometimes wished it had a little more zing to it, then the new MF5 is just what you've been waiting for.  I believe this large diameter, medium deep mouthpiece is destined to become a standard choice for contrabass tuba.

Silver Plated Tuba Mouthpiece ( Bright Finish ) HKD 1000

Gold Tuba Mouthpiece ( Bright Finish ) HKD 1320

Silver Plated Tuba Mouthpiece with Gold Plated Rim & Cup (Bright Finish) HKD 1320

24K Gold Plated Tuba Mouthpiece ( Satin Finish ) HKD 1480

Silver Plated Tuba Mouthpiece with Gold Rim & Cup (Satin Finish ) HKD 1480

The interior contours of the MF2, MF3 and MF 4